Hemanth Nirujogi

Hemanth Nirujogi


Hemanth is part of ARC’s Enterprise Team, specializing in energy and smart cities. His areas of focus include data center studies of cooling systems and UPS.

Office Location
Bangalore, India

Prior to joining ARC, Hemanth conducted market research for close to a year and a half in a leading market research firm where he handled consulting projects for multinational firms across Asia-Pacific and EMEA in various industries like retail, manufacturing, utilities, and automobile. His research for these projects covered various aspects including company rating, company profiling, market share analysis, revenue forecast, market estimations, finding different technological use cases from across industries, and understanding the value chain and bill of materials for different products. Hemanth has expertise in making reports on different research topics by forming insights through survey data and secondary research with the required data infographics.

Hemanth’s experience as an intern includes three months as an analyst. He also holds prior experience of two years before his postgraduation in the education sector.