Robert Mick

Bob Mick

Vice President, IT Solutions

Robert is a member of ARC's Enterprise Team and brings over 30 years of product development, systems integration, and operations experience in industrial automation and software applications.

Office Location
Boston, MA
Cyber Security for Industry
Digitization, Industrial IoT, I4.0
Industry Best Practices
Operational Excellence

Robert's focus areas include architectures and emerging t echnologies, enterprise and product integration, IT and infrastructure, enterprise networks, security, portals, e-commerce, standardization, and sStandards.

Before joining ARC, Robert was Vice President of Software Development at Nematron Corporation where he managed the definition, development, and support of production management, HMI, SCADA, and PC-based control products for both the process and discrete industries. Previously he managed development and served on the Board of Directors for Intec Controls Corporation, while creating and marketing HMI/SCADA and distributed systems. Before joining Intec, Robert contributed to the development of the Foxboro products and was technical leader for large system integrations projects in the oil and munitions industries.

Robert started his career at Goodyear Atomic Corporation where he held several management positions in operations analysis, process and instrumentation development, and process engineering related to Uranium Enrichment. While at Goodyear, Robert also wrote environmental impact statements, was responsible for criticality safety and served on the Atomic Energy Commission Operations Planning task force for management of defense materials.