Shruti Satyan

Shruti Satyan


Shruti is an editor in ARC’s India office.  She edits global and regional market research reports and related papers on a variety of topics, including aerospace, automotive, oil & gas, renewable energy, Industrial IoT, cybersecurity, analytics, cloud computing, artificial intelligence and machine learning, and smart cities.   She also writes technical papers/blogs and develops press releases for reports and other related materials as needed. 

Office Location
Bangalore, India

Shruti has seven-plus years of experience in editing and teaching.  Her experience includes editing a variety of technical and non-technical content, as well as teaching English.  She is multilingual and studied French at the University of Geneva, Switzerland.

Before joining ARC, Shruti worked as an Editor/SME (Language)/QA for websites with TCS.  She has also worked with ansr India, where she edited test papers for various publishing houses such as Pearson and McGraw Hill (US).  She has also worked as an Intern at WHO in Geneva, Switzerland.