Have You Assessed your Digital Transformation Progress?

The Survey can be found at Digital Transformation Progress

The transformation of the industrial sector has begun. Whether it's called Industrial Internet of Things, Industry 4.0, or the 4th Industrial Revolution, industrial companies have begun to use available technologies to completely reimagine their business model, while many others have struggled with knowing how begin their journey.

For companies with the right mindset, Internet of Things or Industrie 4.0 platforms and technologies will open up major opportunities for improved asset performance, new service offerings, improved operational efficiency, and completely new ways of offering value to customers.

In this extremely dynamic, complex, and fast-moving space, ARC's Digital Transformation self-assessment, and questionnaire, you will be able to assess your company's readiness to embark on an industrial transformation journey. You may make use your desktop or mobile device to participate in this assessment.

Who should take this survey?
All personnel involved with the digital transformation of the business.

All information in this survey will be held confidentially by ARC Advisory Group.

Benefits of taking the Survey
Once you have completed this questionnaire and select "done" you will receive an immediate compilation of the aggregate survey results of all companies. If you agree to participate in detailed follow-up research and are contacted by ARC, you will receive a copy of the final executive report that summarizes the industrial assessment and best practices.

For more information about this survey, please contact ARC Advisory Group Analyst - Peter Reynolds at preynolds@arcweb.com or at 1-506-847-3366.

Please take this short but thought-provoking digital assessment, which can be found at Digital Transformation Progress