Industrial Digital Transformation Snapshot

Survey can be found at Industrial Digital Transformation Snapshot


Digital transformation remains a top priority of most industrial companies.  But it can be difficult to know whether your organization is keeping up with the changes and transformations that are taking place throughout the industrial sector.  This Digital Transformation Council and ARC Advisory Group research is designed to give manufacturers/producers a feel for how their organization compares to other companies as we all navigate our individual digital transformation journey.

Digital Transformation topics covered in the survey include:

  • Organizational strategies for success
  • Metrics
  • Decision makers/approvers
  • Data and computing resources management strategies
  • AI/ML strategies

Who Should Take this Survey?  

Users and buyers of software and automation solutions in Supply Chain, Services, Production Operations and Maintenance, Engineering & Design Operations, IT, Sustainability, and Business Operations

Privacy and Confidentiality

This survey requests information about your own experiences and observations.  ARC will keep all individual responses confidential, and only aggregate information will be used in any reports.

Benefits of Participating

ARC thanks you very much in advance for taking this survey and looks forward to sharing the results with you, once the report has been published.

Please contact Greg Gorbach at if you have questions about this survey

Survey can be found at Industrial Digital Transformation Snapshot