Industrial/OT Cybersecurity for Connected Workers

The Survey is at Industrial/OT Cybersecurity for Connected Workers


Connected workers are appearing in every industry and industrial activity. Off-site employees and vendors with remote access to OT systems are reducing facility downtimes and travel costs. Instant access to external resources and subject matter experts (SMEs) is improving the productivity of workers within plants. Connectivity is also enabling broader use of productivity-enhancing technologies, like cloud analytics and augmented reality.

Enabling connectivity within OT systems generates significant benefits, but it also increases the risks of serious cyber incidents. Every time an external device gains access to an OT system the risks of malware injection and data loss increase. Every time a worker uses an OT device to access the internet a new pathway is opened for external attacks. 

The purpose of this survey is to understand what companies are doing to address the cyber risks of connected worker activities

Benefits of Participating

After the survey is completed, all participants will receive the key survey results presented in aggregated form for free. You will receive a report of the findings so you can understand how your connected worker OT cybersecurity strategy compares with peers, identify weaknesses, and justify investments to close critical gaps. Survey results will also be shared with industrial cybersecurity attendees at the ARC Forum in Orlando Florida

Privacy and Confidentiality

Your privacy is assured, and your identification and response will not be shared with others. Your response is accumulated with others to chart the results, and only the resulting aggregated information is published.

If you have questions about the survey, please contact Sid Snitkin at

The Survey is at Industrial/OT Cybersecurity for Connected Workers