Strategies for Effective IT-OT Cybersecurity Convergence (2018)

The survey that can be found at Effective IT-OT Cybersecurity Convergence.


Convergence between IT and OT cybersecurity teams is a hot topic today.  OT teams often lack the resources and expertise to properly manage plant security.  Attacks are increasingly exploiting security gaps between IT and OT systems.  Many companies see closer collaboration between IT and OT cybersecurity teams as an answer to these problems.  But they recognize that convergence can be challenging and are looking for advice from others who are going or have gone down the same path.  They want to understand:

  • The benefits and challenges that should be anticipated
  • The most effective strategies for key issues like responsibility allocation; organizational design; governance, etc.
  • Key lessons learned about program rollout

Understanding how peers address these issues will help companies overcome these hurdles.

Who Should Take this Survey?

Everyone with experience in industrial cybersecurity.

Privacy and Confidentiality: This survey requests information about your company's approach to cybersecurity strategy, not specific details about your cyber defenses. Individual responses will be considered confidential and only aggregate information will be used in any reports.

Benefits of Participating

Your experience and insights on these topics will help your peers ensure the security of our critical infrastructure. Those who complete the survey will also receive a summary of our research findings that can help you address IT-OT cybersecurity convergence in your own organization.

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