AC Drives Help Industry Reduce Energy Consumption and Rally Corporate and Environmental Responsibility

Author photo: Himanshu Shah
ByHimanshu Shah
Industry Trends

With economic growth, comes increased energy consumption and associated greenhouse gas emissions

Unfortunately, increased energy consumption and environmental emissions often accompany the kind of economic growth we’re experiencing today. 

ARC research indicates Low Voltage AC drives can help

Use of AC drives in many applications can help industrial organizations reduce their energy consumption and related emissions to a significant degree and new ARC research indicates that this provides a positive environment for ongoing growth in the low voltage AC drives market for foreseeable future.  To this end, some suppliers are offering support by providing energy audit services to end users and OEM machinery builders for their specific applications.   

In addition to a quantitative assessment of the market and associated analysis, ARC’s recently updated market analysis report on low voltage AC Drives includes much information that end user organizations would find helpful, including both technology and industry trends and information about the leading suppliers.  

The research report also provides long-term trends impacting this market and its growth during the next five years with diverse economic and regional dynamics in 2017; the global low voltage AC drives market faced forces, some that lifted the market while others constrained market growth.

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