An Alarm Notification Platform for the IIoT Age

By Craig Resnick


ARC Advisory Group has observed that alarm notification systems today often do not receive the attention and resources they deserve. Already an important (and surprisingly sophisticated) component of industrial automation, alarm notification has also recently emerged as a strategic component of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). But, how do you bring these two worlds together to provide a consistent alarm notification environment across an entire plant or an entire industrial enterprise?

While leading alarm notification applications, such as WIN-911 and Micromedia's ALERT, have traditionally been purchased separately and then embedded into HMI/SCADA and DCS systems, this typically required developing costly custom interfaces that often need frequent maintenance. It also limits the alarm notification functionality to those specific systems. Today's increasingly multi-vendor automation world, combined with the proliferation of non-automation-related smart sensors and devices connected to applications via the IIoT, calls for more of an enterprise approach.

As ARC learned in a recent briefing with company executives, WIN-911 Enterprise Edition was developed to address the need for a cohesive cross-platform alarm notification strategy to support the overarching enterprise alarm management strategies of today's industrial organizations.

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Keywords: Alarm Notification, Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), Operational Excellence, Operations Technology, Information Technology, Convergence, ARC Advisory Group.

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