China Moves Ahead to Standardize Smart Manufacturing

By Rex Sun

ARC Report Abstract

Many countries around the world are embracing Industrial IoT/Industrie 4.0 and smart manufacturing initiatives. China is no exception. The Chinese government, in particular, recognizes the need to drive transformation faster to maintain and improve global manufacturing competitiveness and sustain economic growth.  ARC Advisory Group believes manufacturing will feature more than ever in the public spotlight in the coming years; supported by new, forward-looking public programs aimed at education, innovation, and adoption.

The ambitious "Made in China 2025" initiative spelled out in China's 13th Five-Year Plan (2016-2020) places a priority on smart manufacturing. The goal is to strengthen and grow the country's manufacturing sector. While many resources are being allocated for the initiative, these efforts could be constrained by a lack of new technology standards and proven-in-use practices.   Suppliers and industry organizations will need to develop and deliver more standardized, smart manufacturing solutions and services, and quickly. Clearly, this will require new approaches to develop these standards within the required timeframe.

Standardization Initiatives
"Made in China 2025" was proposed to upgrade China's manufacturing sector to be able to leverage emerging internet-based solutions and the trend towards digitization in industry and information-based manufacturing.  With its Made in China 2025 initiative, it's clear that China's central government intends to play a key role in the transformation to smart manufacturing in the country, along with associated standardization efforts.

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