Deterministic IoT and TSN - TTTech @ EIF 2019

By Constanze Schmitz

Industry Trends

On May 21-22, 2019, ARC Advisory Group will host its European Industry Forum (EIF) in the Meliã Hotel Sitges in Spain.  The European Industry Forum is part of ARC’s successful series of worldwide conferences in the USA, India, China, and Japan.

Georg Kroiss of TTTech Computertechnik will help us understand: “Deterministic IoT and TSN: Bringing Industrial Platforms to the Next Level”.

Deterministic IoT and TSN: Bringing Industrial Platforms to the Next Level

Over the last year, great advances have been achieved in OPC UA TSN, resulting in the emergence of an ecosystem including all major industrial automation players.  The presentation provides a high-level overview of the current status of OPC UA TSN, both technically and in terms of standardization organizations and activities.  In the broader picture of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT): Now that OPC UA TSN is supported by the entire industry and becoming available in products, what role does it play in enabling deterministic IIoT Platforms?  Which other elements are required to arrive at the next level of IoT Platforms: Distributing intelligence freely between edge and cloud while fully satisfying the most demanding industrial automation use cases.

ARC European Industry Forum

Driving Digital Transformation in Industry and Cities

May 21 - 22, 2019, Hotel Meliã, Sitges (Barcelona), Spain

deterministic IoT EIF%202019.jpgParticipants are invited to attend a series of exclusive plenary and breakout sessions.  In these sessions, ARC analysts and other automation experts will analyze trends and drivers in manufacturing and tell the inside stories of successful operations and applications.

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