EdgeX Foundry Previews California Code Release and New Vertical Solutions Working Group Focused on IIoT

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By Chantal Polsonetti
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EdgeX Foundry, an open source project building a common interoperability framework to facilitate an ecosystem for Internet of Things (IoT) edge computing, announced early access to some elements of the California code release. Demonstrating performance increases and size reductions, these elements support more efficient microservices and a path toward scalability. The full California release will be available in Summer 2018 and represents a major step in evolving the EdgeX framework to support the developer requirements for deployment in business-critical IIoT applications.

The EdgeX Foundry community is working toward improved performance, lower start-up times and reduction in the overall footprint via alternative Go Lang and C-based implementations of key EdgeX microservices for easier access when deploying IoT solutions. The California preview features several Go Lang microservices that are drop-in replacements for the Java versions, including core services, like Core Data, Metadata and Command. Initial test results of the Go Lang microservices include 97 percent less memory than the Java variants with a 99 percent improvement for start-up time.

The full California code base is expected to be released in Summer 2018 with key planned features that include baseline APIs and reference implementations for security and manageability. The California code is a follow up to the first code release, called Barcelona, which launched in October last year. The technology roadmap is available on EdgeX Foundry's wiki.

Accelerating IIoT Deployments through Vertical Solutions

EdgeX Foundry has also launched a new Vertical Solutions Working Group to host use case-focused projects developed with input from end users to create solutions that meet their specific requirements. The new projects include:

The Oil and Gas Project will perform gap analysis and deliver specific market requirements to other working groups, create a reference architecture for specific use cases, develop unique source code and liaise with universities and the Society of Petroleum Engineers.

The Smart Factory Project concentrates on developing the key success functions to enable smart factories with common EdgeX features, such as the data processing runtime and workflow, ezMQ, OPC-UA protocol software and microservices, and Pharos, the service deployment manager and agent. The proposed features will be delivered in the form of microservice or relevant library software.

A Growing Ecosystem Supporting the IoT Landscape

Hosted by The Linux Foundation, EdgeX Foundry is a collaborative project of 70 members and growing, working together to make it easy to quickly build, deploy, run and scale IIoT solutions. The EdgeX ecosystem continues to grow with the addition of five new members: Enigmedia, FIWARE Foundation, Rubicon Labs, Wanxiang Group and Xage Security.



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