Energy-Efficient AC Drives Reduce Power Consumption and Help Extend Motor Life Across Many Industrial Applications

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ByHimanshu Shah
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Energy-efficient AC drives can help “save the planet,” while reducing operating costs

While debate continues about both renewable energy versus fossil fuel-based generation to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and the correlation between GHGs and global warming, there’s no argument about the importance of reducing plant operating costs and extending the life of industrial assets. This is where energy-efficient AC drives can help.

By enabling users to vary the frequency and thus the speed and torque loads on motors used to power fans, compressors, pumps, and other industrial equipment, AC drives allow the motors to be run at the precise speeds required for the application; efficiently vary the motor speed, if needed, and make for smoother and more efficient starts and stops, if required.  This can save a significant amount of energy to reduce plant operating costs and potentially reduce wear and tear on the motors.  AC drives are especially important in dynamic applications, where gears, pulleys, or other relatively inefficient mechanical techniques would otherwise have to be employed to vary motor speed and torque.

energy-efficient AC drives can help “save the planet,” while reducing operating costs
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Benefits to drive growth of AC drives market globally

ARC research indicates that benefits like those described above will contribute to ongoing growth in the AC drives market over the next five years and beyond.

In addition to a quantitative assessment of the market and associated analysis, ARC’s recently updated market analysis report on medium voltage AC Drives ( includes much information that end user organizations would find helpful, including both technology and industry trends and information about the leading suppliers.  

The research report also provides long-term trends impacting this market and its growth during the next five years with diverse economic and regional dynamics in 2017; the global low voltage AC drives market faced forces, some that lifted the market while others constrained market growth.

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