Getting Value from the Digital Transformation and Advanced Analytics

By Janice Abel

Industry Trends

Energy companies are starting to make the journey of digital transformation

At this year’s ARC forum there are many users presenting how they are using advanced analytics and making the digital transformation. In one session, called “digitizing intelligence, from Analytics to Bots” the users will demonstrate how they are taking advantage of advanced analytics tools and bots to improve business and production outcomes. Join the “Digitizing Intelligence: From Analytics to Robots” session at the forum and see how companies are making the digital transformation and maximizing efficiencies. An exploration and production company will present how the company is applying Seeq’s advanced analytics to maximize oil and gas production by detecting abnormal operating conditions in gas lift compression. The applications demonstrated in this session are built on machine learning, artificial intelligence (AI), bots and big data technologies. The technologies speed the time to insight using diagnostic, descriptive, predictive analytics and AI. Attendees will learn how end users in the oil and gas and energy industries are taking advantage of transformative technologies to realize benefits form IIoT.

Energy companies making the digital transformation


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