Has your IT/OT Infrastructure Been Affected by Mergers, Acquisitions or Divestitures?

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Develop An Investment Plan to Prioritize your IT/OT Infrastructure

If the answer to this question is, YES then you might consider the creation and evaluation of a Strategic IT/OT investment plan to assess and prioritize your IT/OT infrastructure path forward. ARC believes that there is significant interest in this problem space due to several recent M&A activities in the process industries, with more likely on the horizon.

As a result of these business realignments the IT/OT installed base in many cases is mixed and sometimes incompatible from an architectural perspective. This leaves the new ownership with a need to reconcile and resolve these problems to enable the new business entity to function effectively and efficiently.

ARC Forum Session to Address Impact in Change of Ownership on IT/OT Infrastructure

At the upcoming ARC Forum, 12-15 February 2018 in Orlando Florida this topic will be discussed by two companies, Ashland Chemical and DowDuPont, each of which have been significantly affected by change of ownership. The presenters will identify the challenges posed to their newly formed companies and the barriers to success which they face. Presentations by these two companies will be followed by an open Question and Answer period where the audience can query the presenters and the host regarding similar problems faced in the industry at-large.

Please join us for a stimulating and relevant discussion on Wednesday, February 14th at 4 PM.

IT/OT Infrastructure Discussion at ARC Forum


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