Increasing Equipment Complexity Calls for New Maintenance Approaches Using IIoT

By Ralph Rio

ARC Report Abstract

The increasing sophistication of today's advanced industrial equipment often exceeds the capabilities of on-site, general-purpose technicians to diagnose and repair. Increasingly, industrial equipment incorporates computer controls with elaborate interactions among software, electronics, sensors, actuators and other sub-systems. Today's equipment manufacturers also often incorporate advanced science into their R&D efforts to optimize the performance of their equipment.

One solution is to outsource some maintenance activities for sophisticated assets to the OEM using Industrial IoT (IIoT) to remotely monitor the health of the equipment. The combination of remote monitoring and analytics with predictive maintenance (PdM) by experts who know the equipment best can provide significant business benefits.

Growing Equipment Complexity

Equipment complexity is increasing across two major dimensions:

  • Automation: Mechanical controls have given way to common use of computer controls with software, electronics, electronic sensors and electro-mechanical actuators with convoluted interaction among these sub-systems. The technician's eyes and ears alone are no longer sufficient to identify and resolve impending problems. Debugging and problem isolation requires specialized training and tools (like the OBD2 code reader and analyzer for your car).


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