Digital Transformation Viewpoints

Featured here are original and timely articles from ARC analysts and guest writers on topics such as Digitization, New Business Models, Internet of Things, Industry 4.0, Smart Cities, and Smart Manufacturing. We dive into technologies such as additive manufacturing, machine learning, asset performance management, device connectivity, IIoT architecture, cybersecurity, augmented reality, and more related to digitization and transformation of industries, infrastructure, and cities. Our goal is to provide readers with clear and concise analyses, opinions, and discussion of these trends, technologies, and services.

Ralph Rio and Sharada Prahladrao — Technology Trends

Applying Neural Concepts and Networks in Manufacturing

Applying neural concepts and networks with multi-node connectivity is gathering interest and adoption in several aspects of manufacturing, particularly for supply chains.
Ralph Rio — Industry Trends

Digital Transformation and Servitization for OEMs

Servitization allows OEMs to provide proactive support to prevent production disruptions at their customers.  Owner/operators should add servitization for OEMs to their selection criteria.