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Ed O'Brien — Company and Product News

Incorporating EAM Maintenance Standards in EAM Systems

With EAM users’ needs expanding to include the use of industry-specific maintenance standards, EAM systems are becoming more sophisticated and purpose-built according to EAM maintenance standards.
Sharada Prahladrao — Industry Trends

Highlights of DistribuELEC 2019

In an emerging economy like India, availability of quality and reliable power, is essential for the flawless functioning and increased productivity of all its sectors. Though the Indian power distribution utilities have come a long way toward achieving this objective since the enactment of the Electricity Act 2003, distribution remains the weakest link, and the Highlights of DistribuELEC are vital towards correcting this.
Peter Reynolds — Industry Trends

APM Digitization versus Digitalization

While asset-owners consider the impact of Asset Performance Management (APM) technologies, ARC is aware of the confusion many in industry have about the distinction between the terms digitization versus digitalization.
Rick Rys — Industry Trends

Training the Field Operator for High Consequence Processes

Operator training for high consequence processes, like those found in nuclear, refining, and chemical industries, has always focused on training the console operators with less emphasis on training the field operator.
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