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Featured here are original and timely articles from ARC analysts and guest writers on topics such as Digitization, New Business Models, Internet of Things, Industry 4.0, Smart Cities, and Smart Manufacturing.  We dive into technologies such as additive manufacturing, machine learning, asset performance management, device connectivity, IIoT architecture, cybersecurity, augmented reality, and more related to digitization and transformation of industries, infrastructure, and cities.  Our goal is to provide readers with clear and concise analyses, opinions, and discussion of these trends, technologies, and services. Sign up for our weekly IIoT/I4 Viewpoints newsletter

Harry Forbes — Industry Trends

Emerson Exchange Day 1

Day 1 of Emerson Exchange convened Monday in San Antonio with over 3000 in attendance. The morning general session featured a “baton-passing” of sorts, as Mike Train departed the role of president/CEO of Emerson Automation Solutions to become president of Emerson itself. Taking over leadership at Emerson Automation Solutions (and the stage) was Lal Karsanbhai who was named to succeed Train last August.
Mark Sen Gupta — Industry Trends

AWS Oil & Gas Day - Cloud Innovation in O&G

On September 20th, I had the opportunity to attend Amazon Web Services’ Oil and Gas day in Houston focusing on utilization of its cloud services in oil and gas. There were about 500 in attendance and an overflow room was required.
Tim Shea — Technology Trends

Going Agile in a MachineFirst World via Business 4.0 & Cognitive Computing

My colleagues and I had the privilege of attending Tata Consultancy Services’ (TCS) Analyst Day event held in Boston on September 7, 2018. There were several interesting and informative presentations covering the concepts of Business 4.0 and MachineFirst Philosophy and how TCS is leveraging its unparalleled domain expertise and its deep and vast portfolio of services and solutions to provide its customers with exponential value to create abundance through mass customization, leveraging ecosystems to help its customers embrace and manage risk while maximizing business outcomes using technologies and concepts such as Cloud, Intelligence, Automated and Agile.
Tim Shea — Industry Trends

Chevron Launching Predictive Maintenance to Cut Costs & Improve Operations

ARC takes every opportunity to blog about examples of leading oil & gas companies that are embarking on their journey towards digital transformation and operational excellence. We are encouraged and excited when companies engage in strong technology partnerships that enable them to breakdown operational silos and harness the power of digital technologies to improve operational performance.  One of the lowest “hanging fruit” in terms of opportunities to leverage the benefits of digital transformation lies in predictive maintenance.
Guest Blogger: Jennifer Major — Industry Trends

How IoT with embedded AI is driving new revenue streams in the industrial world

When I ask people what they think the Internet of Things (IoT) is all about, the majority say, “smart homes”, probably based on personal experience with Alexa or Siri.  If I say that it’s also about industries making using of sensor data, most think of manufacturing.

Dick Slansky — Industry Trends

Siemens PLM Analyst Conference: Realizing the Digital Transformation

Siemens PLM, a business unit of the Siemens Digital Factory group, recently held their annual analyst conference. There was a very noticeable and very significant difference between the 2018 analyst event and those in past years.

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