Industrial UPS: Crucial for Clean, Reliable Power

By Rajkumar Paira

Technology Trends

The global demand for energy is increasing at a solid pace, fueled by the demand in emerging economies and the growth in overall global economy. The supply of electrical power has been unable to keep pace with the demand, resulting in power quality problems such as harmonic distortions, voltage fluctuations, and brownouts. Power lines are known to have frequent line voltage fluctuations causing outages and spikes, and industries need protection from equipment damage due to generally poor line quality. The lack of power quality results in huge losses for industrial operations. This raises the demand for clean and reliable power, boosting the industrial uninterruptible power supply (UPS) market. Industrial UPSs play a huge role in the pursuit for high availability and higher productivity by providing power protection.

Industrial UPS Trends Industrial UPS Market Trends

Traditionally, the dominant markets for industrial-grade UPSs have been the oil & gas, electric power, transportation & logistics, chemical, water & wastewater, refinery, and semiconductors. However, power quality concerns are spreading across a wide range of applications in both the discrete and hybrid manufacturing industries. In the historically strong process markets, industrial UPSs are often specified as part of the facility deployment. In these markets, industrial UPSs are a critical component used to ensure the safety of physical assets, human assets, and the surrounding communities. In contrast, hybrid and discrete manufacturers often consider UPS as an afterthought or an incidental expense. This is beginning to change as manufacturers are now quantifying losses associated with power quality factors in their production operations.

Industries are preparing themselves for a future manufacturing market characterized by a greater concern for power quality, production uptime, and controlled shutdowns, and are becoming increasingly aware of the importance of UPS – a crucial component for smooth operations.

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