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ByLarry O'Brien
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In July ARC held our 12th annual India Forum in Bangalore.  We just posted a series of YouTube videos to our channel.  You can practically view the entire forum through these videos and the team did a very nice job putting them together.  You can also access the agenda and presentations from the forum at our web site here.  Key panelists and presenters included industry luminaries (in no particular order) from ARC, NTPC, Rockwell Automation, Siemens, GE, B&R Automation, Schneider Electric, BHEL, Reliance Power, AVEVA, Ranbaxy, TCS, and many more. Here's a few selections, the link to the entire list is at the bottom of the page. “Importance of Construction Management in Project Execution” by Rainer Lamping, AVEVA Panel Discussion 2nd Day in the Morning Session- July 11th 2014 Panel Discussion First Day Evening Session- July 10th 2014 “Integrated and Interconnected Enterprise” by Ganapathiraman G, ARC Asset Lifecycle Management, By Ralph Rio,ARC Advisory Group Link to ARC India Forum Presentations in PDF Format (plus agenda, etc.) ARC Forum India YouTube Video Series (Most Recently Uploaded, 27 Videos)

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