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Larry O'Brien — Technology Trends

Dragos: XENOTIME Risk Expands to New Safety Systems, Industries

Cybersecurity threat detection and response supplier Dragos posted a new blog today that sheds some new light on the attack group know as XENOTIME, which is the same group responsible for the TRISIS/TRITON malware attack on a Triconex process safety system at a still unnamed Middle Eastern petrochemical facility back in 2017.  
Sharada Prahladrao — Industry Trends

Digital and Invisible Threads of Oil and Gas

Today, oil and gas companies have greater agility to expand or change their business models and deploy innovative strategies to meet fluctuating market expectations.  All this is common and verifiable knowledge, and digitalization is just the tip of the iceberg.
Guest Blogger: Mike Williams — Technology Trends

Digital Industrial Operations Procedures Complement ISA106 Applications

Many industrial process plants are designed to run steady state for very long periods of time, thus providing a business with sustainable economic advantage.  Typically, in these instances, the on-line equipment utilization will be in the high 80 to low 90 percent range. 
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