OSIsoft Supports Predictive Insights in the Latest PI System

By Janice Abel

Company and Product News

OSIsoft, a global leader in operational intelligence, announced a major enhancement to its flagship product, the PI Server, that will allow predictive data to be stored natively and exposed throughout the PI System. The PI System is now able to capture, analyze and share predicted data from 3rd party advanced analytics and machine learning tools throughout the entire organization. This capability enables people to see predictions in real-time, take action to prevent events before they happen, and improve operations performance based on insights into the future.

The PI System is an open data infrastructure that enables global enterprises to gather streaming real-time sensor data from over 450 different data sources, efficiently store, contextualize, process, share, visualize and analyze data. It eliminates silos of information and becomes a unifying source of truth for data-driven decisions across industrial operations. With the release of PI Server 2015, these capabilities have been extended to include data with future time-stamps, allowing for a common view of past, present and future data.

The enhanced insights allow for improved operational intelligence through predictive intelligence. The new capabilities allow customers to easily and natively view forecasts of market and operational demands, set and track production targets, and plan for contingencies and emergencies. In addition, comparing predictions to actuals over time enables a better understanding of process behavior prior to making process modifications.

Janice Abel, ARC Advisory Group, commented, "Solutions such as OSIsoft's PI System that can help industrial companies integrate analytics and machine learning to predict future behavior can provide considerable business value. Predicting the future can result in benefits that include increases in availability, productivity, and profits."


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