Project Success Stories

Here are some technology project success stories

Stefan Miksch — Company and Product News

Global Machine Tools Business: Overview and Outlook

2017 proofed to be an outstanding year for the machine tools industry.  China was one of the main drivers of demand in machine tools, having a strong impact on surro

Naresh Kumar Surepelly — ARC Report Abstract

Demand for Hazardous Area Automation Equipment Increases

In most process plants, it is impossible to install all necessary automation components in safe, non-hazardous areas. As a result, some form of protection is required to prevent fires and explosions that could occur when a hazardous gas and energy source combine. Fortunately, there are standards and associated products that, if properly designed, installed, and maintained, virtually eliminate the risk of an accidental explosion in hazardous areas.
Florian Güldner — Company and Product News

RFID Enables Industrie 4.0

For a number of years, ARC conducts research in the area of RFID. First studies were published in the early 2000s. The technology itself is significantly older, it has been around for decades. At the turn of the millennium, the technology gained greater interest in the industry for use in product tracking.
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