Q2 2016 ARC WebWindow on Security and Robotics

By Ann-Kathrin Blech

Industry Trends

ARC's WebWindow is a series of top-level webinars covering current industry hot topics.  It is not technology that is shaping the future of manufacturing, it is the demand from consumers.  The developments can best be summarized in megatrends.  ARC has started a research program specifically addressing Megatrends and we would like to share some of our results with you.  In our Q2, 2016 edition on June 21, we will briefly discuss the Megatrends Re-thinking Mobility and Demographic Change and in addition to those megatrends, we will have a deeper dive into Security and Robotics themes as well.

As more and more significant security breaches are covered, the protection of information and control systems is becoming an important executive management and insurance issue.  This discussion addresses these and other questions in the context of the following objectives:

  • Introduce the unique characteristics and vulnerabilities of Industrial Control Systems in brownfield applications;
  • Explore the key differences between an IT and an operations perspective on cybersecurity;
  • Detail potential impacts of attack on critical infrastructure or manufacturing processes;
  • And offer some additional information on incidents that have already taken place.

In order to create and maintain secure systems, we have to ensure that our processes and the communication between them is secure; Industrial Control Systems need to be targeted for more detailed review on a consistent basis.

Furthermore, industrial robots have been part of manufacturing for more than twenty years now. But only over the past few years they became a significant part to support and speed up production.  The bandwidth of tasks they can perform has strongly increased and we see an ongoing strong market development in robotics for industrial applications. The discussion about the industrial robot market contains the following topics:

  • Past, present and future market developments for industrial robots
  • Industrial robot trends of the future
  • Social impacts with increasing use of robots
  • Short dive into robot trends that cover out-of-the-factory applications

While the industrial use of robots is out of the question beneficial, we also see the increasing amount of office and personal robots being part of our (future) life.

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