Siemens Limited’s Board of Directors Approves Sale of Mechanical Drives Business

By Sharada Prahladrao


The Board of Directors of Siemens Limited has approved the sale and transfer of its Mechanical Drives (MD) business for a consideration of Rs.4,400 million to Flender Drives (a subsidiary of Flender GmbH, which in turn is a subsidiary of Siemens AG), subject to adjustment for the change in net current assets and capital expenditure, subsequent to June 30, 2020 up to the date of actual transfer of the MD business.  The same is subject to receipt of requisite statutory and regulatory approvals, as applicable.

The sale and transfer of MD business is on a slump sale basis, with effect from January 1, 2021. The MD business within Siemens Limited achieved a revenue of Rs. 6,838 million for FY 2019 and had an operating loss of Rs. 553 million.  According to Siemens, potential growth in this business will require substantial CapEx and moreover, there are no synergies with the existing businesses of Siemens Limited.  Keeping the interests of the shareholders in mind, the Board of Siemens Limited has approved the sale of this business to Siemens AG, which has also announced their intention to publicly list this business via a spin-off.

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