S&T AG’s Subsidiary Kontron Acquires Fujitsu Technology Solutions’ Industrial Mainboard Business

By Fabian Wanke

Acquisition or Partnership

Kontron S&T AG, a subsidiary of S&T AG, signed an asset deal with Fujitsu Technology Solutions GmbH, headquartered in Munich, Germany, to acquire the Augsburg-based Fujitsu industrial mainboard business.  In October last year, the Fujitsu Group had announced the closure of its Augsburg site by the end of September 2020.  The transaction is subject to antitrust approvals.  Kontron S&T AG, headquartered in Augsburg, Germany, is a subsidiary of S&T AG.

For Kontron, the acquisition of the embedded motherboard business of Fujitsu Technology Solutions is a strategic step to expand these products with its own IoT software technology.  The transfer of the operational business from Fujitsu Technology Solutions to Kontron is planned to start in October 2019.  Kontron will also offer employment opportunities to Fujitsu Technology Solutions employees with the relevant skills in the areas of research and development, production, and sales.  Kontron is committed to provide the same level of expertise and skills that the Fujitsu mainboard business customers have known and valued so far.

Fabian Wanke, ARC Advisory Group, commented, “The takeover of the operational business from Fujitsu Technology Solutions by Kontron in Augsburg is an important sign to Augsburg and the Bavarian region, which had to deal with several shut-downs of large production sites, like Manroland AG, over the last decade.  It would be desirable, if other companies, like KUKA or Airbus, would also make clear, positive statements to keep production and jobs in the region.”


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