Yokogawa Adds Redundancy Software Platform for Use with PCs to OpreX Control and Safety System Family

By Shin Kai

Company and Product News

Yokogawa Electric Corporation announced that it has developed a software platform that enables software packages to run on general-purpose computers in a redundant configuration, and has added this to its OpreX Control and Safety System family. This redundancy software will help raise the availability of all the solutions that make up Yokogawa's OpreX Control category of systems, software, and devices. The first software packages based on this platform will be released in March of next year. These are the Exaopc OPC interface package and the Exapilot operation efficiency improvement package. For enhanced availability in plant operations, the company plans at a later date to incorporate this redundancy software in other packages that make up the OpreX Control family.

The features of new software platform include as follows:

High availability       
If a fault occurs, this software initiates a transfer of control from the active PC to the standby PC that takes no longer than one second to complete, which is well within the operating parameters of oil, petrochemical, chemical, and other process facilities, where the collection of data and the issuance of control commands based on that information typically takes a few seconds or more. Since the data and status information on the two PCs is always synchronized, processing can continue without interruption, even when the system is performing sequential control of multiple tasks. This feature minimizes the probability of any loss of data and ensures there is no interruption in control. This software thus ensures the high availability of the systems that make up a vital part of the industrial infrastructure.

Long-term operational support with online PC replacement
General-purpose PCs often remain in use for years in plants, and need to be replaced when they grow outmoded or fail. Thanks to this software that enables applications to run in a redundant configuration, an outmoded or defective PC can be replaced while the system is online. It is even possible to operate different PC models in a redundant configuration providing they have been tested and approved by Yokogawa. This will help customers operate their systems stably over long periods of time and improve productivity.

Major target markets include process industries, such as electric power, water supply and wastewater treatment, industrial water, semiconductors, foods and pharmaceuticals, iron and steel, pulp and paper, oil, petrochemicals, and chemicals.

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