10 Tips for Modernizing Your HMI/SCADA for Better Operational Performance

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It’s a constant challenge to find the right balance between availability and reliability, risk, and cost.  How do you reduce costs without compromising availability and operational performance?  How can you mitigate risks while keeping costs under control?

Join ARC Analyst Craig Resnick and HMI/SCADA expert Ranbir Saini with GE Digital, to identify gaps in your existing automation implementation, determine how to reduce operating costs while maintaining a high level of service, ease compliance with evolving regulatory standards, and increase operator efficiency.

Learn how to use the control layer as a foundation for digital transformation and prepare for the future.

Topics include:

  • How to take a fresh look at your HMI/SCADA
  • High performance HMI graphics to increase operator situational awareness
  • Alarm strategies to reduce risk
  • Leveraging your HMI/SCADA for IoT and transforming data into insights through analytics
  • Identifying key opportunities for improvement with the fastest ROI at the automation and control system level
  • Expert tips for building actionable programs

11 AM - 12 PM CDT

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