1st ISA Vietnam Event 2019

End Date
Event Location Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Event Type Conference
ARC Participation ARC Will Speak
ARC Participants Bob Gill

"Digital Transformation: The Road to Success"
10:15 AM

The arrival and evolution of technologies such as advanced analytics, artificial intelligence, cloud, drones, smart sensors, and wireless networks presents industrial organizations with new opportunities to realize major improvements in plant performance and to create new connected products and develop novel business models. To take full advantage of new-found opportunities, companies need to not only develop awareness and understanding of game-changing new technologies and their applications but also adopt a digital transformation-specific planning method that aligns initiatives with business goals, is grounded in operational realities, and is designed to scale through the organization. To this end, ARC’s three-phase methodology for developing and executing digital transformation strategies provides critical direction for industrial companies planning or engaged in digital transformation, describes common missteps, and offers useful recommendations to successfully move forward.