AI and Digital Twins Powering Plant Efficiency and Reliability

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Thermal power plants today must be efficient and flexible in their operations at partial and transient loads to be competitive against alternate sources of generation (renewables).  But they need to continue operating in dynamic conditions and remain a major source of power generation for at least another 10 years.

Digitalization solves these problems while keeping your OPEX and CAPEX low.  It also intelligently addresses problems of deteriorating assets, ageing workforce, and emissions.
To know how and embark on your Digital journey, join us to:

  • Get a mindshare with Harry Forbes from ARC Advisory Group to learn about defining utilities insights.
  • Deep-dive on digital twins, AI, and machine learning and their applications in your industry.
  • Learn from early utility adopters who have successfully achieved multi-million dollar savings in operations cost and ~10% reduction in emissions.
  • Discover how you too can benefit from the Digital Twin powered – TCS IP2TM (Intelligent Power Plant)

11 AM ET

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