Industrial Cybersecurity Workshop: Cybersecurity for Discrete and Process Industries

It is clear from recent news that a number of adversaries are attempting to compromise our critical industrial networks.  Their motives range from criminal intent to operational disruption and even threats to functional safety.

The IEC 62443 standard now provides precise instructions on how users can protect industrial systems in the various phases of the plant's lifecycle.  The implementation of these recommendations must be done case-by-case, following a threat analysis.

While the principles that form the basis of lifecycle planning and process maturity assessment are important, the asset owner requires more than principles to make effective use of these concepts.  Ultimately, the most valuable assistance may come in the form of case studies.

This workshop describes proven, in use cybersecurity procedures that when implemented will improve both the safety and security of IACS during the lifecycle of the plant.  Furthermore, the latest ARC cybersecurity survey results will be discussed.