Presenting ARC's Nineteenth Annual Industry Forum in Japan
Industry in Transition: Realizing the Digital Enterprise

July 11, 2017 - Tokyo, Japan

Most industrial companies have started to employ digitalized business processes with their business partners and are exploiting the increasing convergence between operational technology (OT), engineering technology (ET), and information technology (IT) in their plants and on their factory floors.  The emerging digital enterprise will benefit from the achievements realized in smart products, new services and operational models, new manufacturing technologies, and new design and procurement approaches.  The ARC Industry Forum in Tokyo, one of the most influential annual events in the Japanese automation community, will focus on such dynamic industrial activities on a global scale, by inviting the participation of influential industrial representatives from around the world.  Major focuses of discussion in the 2017 Forum will be:

  • How disruptive technologies will change existing products and plants
  • How open-source solutions will impact traditional software and automation domains
  • How the risk of cybersecurity can be mitigated
  • How Big Data and predictive and prescriptive analytics enable operational change
  • What the challenges to achieve next-generation production systems and operational systems will be

The featured panel discussion, co-sponsored by the Society of Instrument and Control Engineers (SICE), will, for the third year, focus on the topic entitled, "Information-Driven Production Systems" (the future of plants, leveraging emerging IoT, and developing measurement systems).

Join us at the 19th Annual ARC Industry Forum in Tokyo to learn more about how the digital enterprise will be realized - and the benefits that this can bring.

2016 Tokyo Forum


Following is the schedule for the forum.  

Session 1:  Global Trends and Visions

​9:30 AM Opening Remarks
Shuji Abe, VP & GM ARC Japan, ARC Advisory Group​
9:35 AM

Keynote: "Industry in Transition: Moving to a Digital Enterprise"
Harry Forbes, Research Director, ARC Advisory Group

10:05 AM​ Coffee/Tea Break​

Session 2:  New Technologies and Strategies

​ ​10:35 AM

"Protecting Data in the IIoT Age"
Jason Andersen, Vice President, Business Line Management, Stratus Technologies

"Connected Plant Solutions That are Driving New Ways to Gain Value"
Wah Heng Ow, Technical Solution Consulting Leader - Asia Pacific, Honeywell Process Solutions, Honeywell Pte.

"Plant-wide Predictive Production Analytics Informed by Condition Monitoring at the Machine Level"
Hajime Sugiyama, Global Alliance Coordinator, Overseas Business Strategy, e-Factory Strategy and Business Planning Project, Factory Automation Systems Group, Mitsubishi Electric
Hirofumi Isobe, R&D Department, IBM

12:30 PM


Lunchtime Session: Cybersecurity

"Enabling Industrie 4.0 and IIoT through Industrial Cyber Protection"
Vincent Turmel, Senior Director - ICS, Bayshore Networks

Session 3: Challenges for the Digital Enterprise

1:30 PM

"Achieving Smarter Operations through Edge Analytics and the Challenges You Must Overcome"
Kevin Terwilliger, Solutions Director, IoT Division, Dell

"Going Digital: Industrializing BIM to Speed Project Delivery and Leveraging the Digital DNA to Improve Asset Performance"
Anne-Marie Walters, Industry Marketing Director, Process and Resources, Bentley Systems

"Innovation of the Production System by Production Information Integration - Adaptation to Production-Environment Change by Globalization of Production"
Keiji Sato, General Manager, IA Systems and Service Business HQ Systems Business Center Plant Information Business Development Dept., Yokogawa Electric

​3:15 PM Coffee/Tea Break​
3:45 PM

Invited Presentation:  "How Chemical Plants and Workforces are Changed by ICT Progress"
Hideki Matsuo, Member of the Board, Senior Managing Executive Officer, Center Executive, Production & Technology Center, Mitsui Chemicals

Session 4:  Featured Panel:  Information Driven Production Systems (Co-Sponsored by SICE)
4:15 PM​

"The Future of Plants Leveraging Emerging IoT and Developing Measurement Systems"

Moderated by:
Go Suzuki, Division Manager of SICE Industrial Application Division, SICE

Hideki Matsuo, Member of the Board, Sr. Managing Executive Officer, Production & Technology Center, Mitsui Chemicals
Keiji Sato, GM IA Systems and Service Business HQ Systems Business Center Plant Information Business Dev., Yokogawa Electric
Kenji Fujita, GM Control & Electrical System Engineering G. Plant Engineering Dept., Process Plant Div., Energy & Plant Operations, IHI

6:00 - 7:30 PM​  ​Buffet Party
Executive Speakers

The following executives are among those presenting at the Forum.

Jason Andersen, Vice President, Business Line Management, Stratus Technologies

JAndersen100.jpgJason Andersen leads the team responsible for setting the business strategy and product roadmaps for Stratus Products and Services.  He has a deep understanding of both on-premises and cloud-based infrastructure for the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and has been responsible for the successful market delivery of hardware, software, and cloud products and services for almost 20 years.  Jason currently spearheads the company’s initiatives to assist partners and customers evolve their existing industrial automation footprint into IIoT-enabled architectures.  He is frequently sought out for his thought leadership on industry trends, challenges, and best practices.  Prior to joining Stratus in 2013, Jason was Director of Product Line Management at Red Hat where he was responsible for the go-to-market strategy and product introductions for JBoss Application Products.  Jason also previously held Product Management positions at IBM Software Group.

Harry Forbes, Research Director, ARC Advisory Group

HForbes100.jpgHarry Forbes is ARC’s lead analyst for the Distributed Control System (DCS) market.  In addition, ARC leverages Harry’s utility expertise in its coverage of Smart Grid, industrial networking, networking and communication standards, and the electric power vertical industry.  His research topics include DCS integration and architecture, Smart Grid, smart metering, energy storage, industrial wireless, industrial Ethernet, and emerging network technologies.  Harry has 30 years of experience in automation, power generation, energy management, modeling and simulation, advanced control, and optimization.  Prior to joining ARC, Harry served in a variety of marketing, sales, and engineering posts for Simsci-Esscor, Invensys, and Foxboro.  He also worked as a performance and automation engineer in fossil and nuclear power generation at Detroit Edison.

Kenji Fujita, General Manager, Control & Electrical System Engineering G. Plant Engineering Dept., Process Plant Div., Energy & Plant Operations, IHI

KFujita100.jpgKenji Fujita has accumulated a wealth of experience in Plant Control Engineering ever since he joined IHI in 1984, including control system engineering, construction and start-up for LNG terminal mostly in Japan. He has been leading this group as a manager since 2013.

Hirofumi Isobe, R&D Department, IBM

HIsobe100.jpgHirofumi Isobe has been with IBM's R&D Department for over 15 years and has been in charge of the product development and solution design for IT System Management and Enterprise Asset Management.  He is currently in charge of the design for the IoT industry solution, focusing on manufacturing and automotive industries.

Hideki Matsuo, Member of the Board, Senior Managing Executive Officer, Center Executive, Production & Technology Center, Mitsui Chemicals

HMatsuo100.jpgHideki Matsuo joined Mitsui Toatsu Chemicals, a predecessor of Mitsui Chemicals, in 1982.  He began as a process engineer, having been in charge of process improvement and plant constructions.  In 2000, he was involved in projects in Singapore and managed plant constructions and operations.  In 2005, he committed to establish a joint venture to work with a Chinese company, constructed a new plant, and managed its operations.  He has been with the Production and Technology Center in Mitsui Chemicals since 2011. 

Wah Heng Ow, Asia Pacific Technical Solution Consulting Leader of Honeywell Connected Plant, Honeywell Process Solutions

WahHengOw100.jpgThe Honeywell Connected Plant line of business delivers software solutions to the process industries through a unique set of advanced software and consulting led services.  Since joining Honeywell in 1996, Wah Heng Ow has held business development, operations, and consulting positions in the organization serving customers in Asia Pacific.  He holds a Bachelor of Engineering from Nanyang Technology University, Singapore.

Keiji Sato, General Manager, IA Systems and Service Business, HQ Systems Business Center, Plant Information Business Development Dept., Yokogawa Electric

KSato100.jpgKeiji Sato joined Yokogawa in 1990 and has experience in DCS engineering and as a development leader of the operation efficiency improvement package ‘Exapilot.’  In recent years, he was engaged as a data analyst and consultant for production improvements based on quality engineering.  Curently, he is furthering the development of productivity-improvements for software packages based on actual production information.

Hajime Sugiyama, e-F@ctory Strategy and Business Planning Project Global Alliance Coordinator, Mitsubishi Electric

HSugiyama100.jpgHaving just completed a six year assignment in the European headquarters of Mitsubishi Electric’s factory automation European business group, Hajime Sugiyama has a proven track record working in multi-cultural environments.  During that time he dealt with diverse partners from small, local companies to global groups establishing the foundation for win-win collaborations. This ideally complemented his formative years working in the PLC marketing section of Mitsubishi Electric’s premier factory automation plant in Nagoya. He is now taking up his new challenge to bring both of these experiences together on a global basis to the benefit of e-F@ctory Alliance partners and the customers they serve.

Go Suzuki, Division Manager of SICE Industrial Application Div., SICE

GSuzuki100.jpgIn 1973, Go Suzuki joined Toyo Engineering where he worked in the process department mainly in the petrochemical area.  In 1985, he was CMU in the U.S. as a visiting researcher.  In 1986, he worked in the process technology department (process simulator, training simulator, APC and process revamping design).  In 2003, he worked in the instrumentation department (training simulator, APC, plant data historian).  In 2015, he retired at Toyo Engineering Corp.  He is a SICE member, SICE Advanced Measurement and Control Engineer.

Kevin Terwilliger, Solutions Director, IoT Division, Dell


When and where should you consider distributing additional computing into your operations? In this session Dell’s IoT Solutions Director will explore architectures for computing ‘at the edge’ and specific customer use cases where edge analytics have generated significant business value. In addition he will share insights from Dell’s 15 years of developing computing solutions which thrive in dirty, dank, and dangerous environments to help you overcome challenges of deploying and managing these solutions.

This will allow him to talk about customer stories, edge vs. cloud architectures, and Dell's rugged testing/tier 1 benefits. He made it ‘smarter operations’ instead of manufacturing because his experience with ARC in the past is that it is mixture of industrial verticals.

Vincent Turmel, Senior Director ICS, Bayshore Networks

VTurmel100.jpgDr. Turmel has over 20 years’ experience in process automation, where he has held roles in projects, application engineering, product management, and consulting, coupled with nearly a decade of cybersecurity-related experience.  During this time he advised major corporations on automation, the architecture of control systems, and how to keep them secure.  He has conducted security assessments on industrial systems ranging from the unit of a plant to global security assessment programs involving many sites.  He currently helps industrial and commercial corporations secure the critical link between their operations and the enterprise.

Anne-Marie Walters, Industry Marketing Director, Process and Resources, Bentley Systems

AWalters100.jpgAnne-Marie Walters is a chemical engineer with the combined experience of marketing and engineering, having worked for systems vendors, systems integrators, and oil and chemical owner-operators.  She is especially passionate about establishing the value of engineering information in the world of operations and what real differences information technology can make to the challenges that both EPCs and owner-operators face.  At Bentley, she is currently responsible for the global industrial process, offshore, and natural resources industries.


The Forum is held at KFC Hall.

6-1, Yokoami-1,
Sumida-ku, Tokyo 130-0015
Phone: +81-3-5610-5801

Format of the Forum Sessions

Presentations and discussions will be in both Japanese and English with simultaneous translation.


Business casual attire is suggested.

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