Digital Transformation End Goal: Competitive Excellence

A customer-centric operational philosophy is at the heart of digital transformation, providing focus and prioritization as to what a company needs to change internally to win in the marketplace. Companies will reach this realization either via a significant disruptive event or through a more disciplined internal organizational realignment. For the former, that tipping point might be too late.

We’ll begin the day by hearing from Andrew Obin, Managing Director, Bank of America Merrill Lynch. He’ll share with you why Wall Street believes winners in industrial markets will be determined, in part, by their ability to integrate modern software into operations to improve business agility and customer outcomes. He’ll also discuss why the pandemic accelerated this characteristic and how companies should view 2021 through the lens of a disruptive 2020. 

Next, a panel of distinguished industrial executives will reflect on why their digital transformation journeys are exercises in competitive excellence. They will share with you how to ask customer-centered questions to frame and execute operational change. Panelists will also discuss why a customer-centered approach is critical to organizational buy in, from the C-suite to the plant floor. Finally, the group will also share why transformation is much easier when framed through the ultimate success metric of digital economies: speed and accuracy of responsiveness to customers.

S1: 10:00 AM Track 1