Game Changing DT Production Management Technologies

The biggest challenge and driver for digital transformation and smart manufacturing and operations innovation over the past years is the pandemic.  Many manufacturers have accelerated their digital transformation journey with new technologies such as production management (MES/MOM) and energy management software, advanced analytics, cloud, data lakes, and other software applications in production such as advanced data and AI tools, with more auto functionality that is within view of an autonomous future during the pandemic.  This session will focus on production performance using newer DT technologies.

Join this session to see how different manufacturers from different industries and operations are leveraging technologies and accelerating their digital transformation.  Attendees will learn:

  • How a digital transformation and newer technologies are transforming production and operations
  • What newer production management technologies are being used for production management as a catalyst for the digital transformation strategy
  • What a digital transformation and newer technologies look like and how it is transforming production and operations
  • How digital tools are transforming, impacting, and benefiting production and operations
  • How users are implementing digital manufacturing applications and the resulting benefits  
Wednesday PM
S4: 4 PM Track 1