Open Asset Digital Twin Workshop: Refining the Requirements for Value Creation

Recently, several global oil and chemical leaders met to begin the outline of a vision for open-asset digital twins. This vision promotes innovation & value creation, readily integrates twins, affords access to leading-edge twin capability & performance, and improves sustainability of the twin after project handover. Open twins are needed to accommodate the various applications and business processes in the largely underserved operate and maintain phase of an asset lifecycle. The implications for this new initiative are far-reaching into process manufacturers' operating and business systems and their technology suppliers.
Digital twins have improved collaboration but need a significant overhaul to promote innovation, sustainability, and value creation. In the future, twins will be open, standards-based, and use a common federated data model to normalize data from diverse data types or sources and vendors for aggregation and contextualization via consumption platforms. A standard set of definitions of the data sets is required. Twins will contain a level of intelligence in the data model.
This interactive workshop will be led by the pioneering Open Asset Digital Twin members - ExxonMobil, Shell, Dow, Chevron, and BP -  with breakout discussion around the following key areas:

  • Define guiding opportunities and preliminary framing of the high priority use cases.
  • Align on key industry challenges and needs for a standards-based interoperability ecosystem.
  • Outline a vision that promotes innovation and value creation.
  • Update the defining principles of the digital twin open eco-system.
  • Standards discussion: What existing standards or new data standards and governance are needed.
  • Overview of new working group member initiatives.

Who should attend: Current working group members, other asset owner-operators, software suppliers, engineering service providers, system integrators, and standards organizations.

Wednesday PM
S4: 4 PM Track 2