Joachim Taiber

Joachim Taber

Chief Technology Officer

International Transportation Innovation Center

Joachim was appointed to his current position in January 2016 where he is focused on developing and applying innovative methods of system validation for connected, automated, shared, and sustainable forms of mobility both with industrial and academic partners.  He also initiated a global consortium effort for smart mobility testbeds (International Smart Mobility Testbed Alliance).  Via his private consulting practice he is involved in the development, implementation, and operation of open and closed mobility testbeds both at a national and international scale.  Via his venture practice he engages in the development of new mobility related businesses.  He serves Clemson University as adjunct professor at CU-ICAR.  Furthermore he acts as smart mobility advisor of the IOTA Foundation and is active in transportation related standards development efforts both at SAE and IEEE.  He is also member of the advisory board of the Peace Innovation Foundation which works closely with the UN.