Augmented Reality – Bringing Digital Data into the Real World for Operations

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Event Location Online @11AM ET/5PM CET
Event Type DTC Member Meeting

As we accelerate the digitization of our businesses, we are identifying the need to visualize complex data sets as well as bring the digital information to our field workers in a safe and secure fashion.  The advent of the pandemic has also accelerated the need for our businesses to work remotely, but without losing too much of the benefit of being on location in person. 

Chevron has leveraged augmented reality (AR) over the last few years to bring new capabilities to their business units to enable remote work, lower costs, and safer operations. Join Chevron’s Sr. Technology Strategist –Connected Worker and IIoT, Ed Moore as he shares how Chevron is leveraging 3D model visualization technologies to view CAD models in the field prior to them being built, integrating these visualizations into their Major Capital Project model reviews to identify issues, and using Remote Assist to enable quick transport of any expert, anywhere in the world in under a minute as well as perform remote factory acceptance tests, Audits, and Inspections of their operations.