Close the Gap: Tips for Using HMI/SCADA as Your On Ramp to the Digital Thread

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Event Type Webcast
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ARC Participants Craig Resnick

ARC Presentations:

ARC Vice President Craig Resnick will participate in this webcast.
May 23, 2-3 PM EDT

Are you ready to leverage the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)?  Do you think that you are doing a decent job at gathering data?  You might be, but gaps exist at most sites. The digital thread involves capturing data across systems, through lifecycles, and then leveraging with analytics. It’s a seamless digital connection.

Join this free webinar on enabling the foundation for the Industrial Internet of Things using HMI/SCADA. You’ll learn proven tips and strategies to:

  • Overcome common obstacles in connectivity and interoperability
  • Bridge functional siloes, starting from the machine and operator through your supply chain
  • Pinpoint data already collected but being used in isolated ways
  • Identify your weakest links in the digital thread – is it the operator?
  • View the future of HMI/SCADA in an Edge-to-Cloud world
  • Achieve a seamless digital connection and leverage HMI/SCADA to enable IIoT business outcomes such as less unscheduled downtime, improved productivity, and higher quality

Read a blog by featured speaker Craig Resnick on how HMI/SCADA software solutions continue to evolve to meet the needs of end users and OEMs as they continue their journey towards the IIoT.