The Convergence of AI and IIoT

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The confluence of AI and IIoT gives rise to a new digital solution category – the Artificial Intelligence of Things (AIoT) – that centers on unlocking the hidden business value in industrial data. This important convergence enables the next generation of Industrial AI infrastructure, allowing organizations to achieve more efficient operations, create seamless human-machine workflows, and rapidly harmonize and transform data into tangible business outcomes. Questions remain, however, on the best approach to accelerate value and sustain operations.

Join experts from ARC and AspenTech® to learn more about the convergence of AI and IIoT and it impacts your business. You will learn how to:

  • Analyze the key drivers for an enterprise-wide adoption of AIoT strategy
  • Determine the business imperatives for this convergence trend: AI & IIoT
  • Apply the benefits of AIoT to your asset-intensive operations
  • Discuss the skills your teams need to work together – including data scientists and domain experts across IT and OT
  • Define the vision and capabilities of the plant of the future and the digital workforce of tomorrow

A live Q&A session will follow so please come prepared with your questions.

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