Digital Transformation Data Challenges: from Access & Analysis to Strategy & Security - DTC Monthly Meeting (Members Only)

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Event Location Online @11AM ET | 5PM CET
Event Type DTC Member Meeting
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This monthly meeting will take on one of the most fundamental challenges associated with digital transformation: data. After all, without data, transformation isn’t possible. We’ll get the community discussion rolling by bringing together an esteemed panel very well-versed in the myriad challenges associated with using data for change. The panel will include Jane Arnold from Stanley Black & Decker, Brian Perlstein of Owens Corning, and Mike Tomasco from Pfizer. 

We’ll start with the formative question that is simple to ask but often difficult to answer: How do you know what information you even need? From there, we’ll dive into all the complexities that question unearths. A few issues that will be discussed include user types and expectations, use cases, security and governance from control systems to the cloud, and more. As the panel wraps up, we’ll open the dialogue to the community for what is sure to be a lively discussion. 

This online meeting is for the Digital Transformation Council (DTC). Though free to join, the Digital Transformation Council is for end users only. Click here to join the DTC. There is no charge to join. Upon joining, you will receive a welcome email with a link to register for DTC meetings.