Digital Twins (Part 1): Definitions, Technical and Organizational Foundations, and Business Applications

End Date
Event Location Online @11AM ET/5PM CET
Event Type DTC Member Meeting
ARC Participation ARC Event

Join the Digital Transformation Council for the first of a two-part series exploring digital twins. In this first meeting, we will review and discuss the numerous definitions of digital twins and detail how these can be applied for practical purposes.  We will outline some of the benefits being presented by digital twins, including having a true representation of the actual state of the asset, traceability to older states in time, and flexibility for applying across engineering and operations.   Additionally, we will discuss the key factors for effective use of digital twins and why success is much more dependent on the right processes, mindsets, culture, and beliefs than the technology itself. We will also detail the foundational digital readiness that maximizes the chances of success in using digital twins.  

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