Enabling Agile: How Hexion Uses Sales and Operations Execution to Enable Business Transformation

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ARC Participants Steve Banker

Agile has traditionally been used for software product development, however, it can also be applied as a key enabler for supply chain transformation. Hexion, a global specialty chemical company, has applied Agile to improve supply chain processes, driven by Sales and Operations Execution (S&OE), across 45 global production sites.

Join ARC Advisory Group Vice President of Supply Chain Management Steve Banker and Hexion’s Vice President of Global Supply Chain Javier Invernizzi as they discuss:

  • The pillars of Agile at Hexion
  • The importance of Sales and Operations Execution
  • How S&OE and Agile help Hexion adapt to change and the velocity of change
  • Hexion’s Agile journey in the context of S&OE
  • Lessons learned along the way

AspenTech has been a close partner to Hexion for many years, providing key supply chain S&OE decision support tools that help Hexion find balance between efficiency and effectiveness to leverage the organization’s innate strengths and compete in the market.