Giving Machines a Mind

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Event Type Webcast
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ARC Participants Craig Resnick

In the oil and gas industry, predicting how assets and processes will behave is key to proactive maintenance and future productivity, and in driving new value. To succeed, one must understand all aspects of an oil and gas network and bring together the physical and virtual assets in a continuous loop of knowledge and improvement.  IoT promises to connect things, people, and systems to deliver your organization value but it is only possible through the seamless unification of all these pieces, and it’s no easy task to break down the siloes.
In this webcast, ARC Vice President Craig Resnick will share his insights on: 

  • Why asset knowledge matters in IoT 
  • Steps oil and gas companies can take to bring together IT/OT 
  • What’s at risk if you don’t do this right

This webcast will be 1 hour, starting at 10 AM CST.  To Register