Industrial IoT Edge 2.0: Part 2

End Date
Event Location Online @11 AM EST
Event Type DTC Meeting
ARC Participation ARC Event
ARC Participants Chantal Polsonetti

This session will expand on the discussion from the December meeting regarding the escalating importance of the industrial IoT edge in maximizing the potential of digital transformation strategies.  Originally viewed as the boundary between IT and OT, the scope of the industrial IoT edge continues to evolve.  Escalating requirements for edge-to-cloud connectivity, as well as compute power and storage to serve edge computing requirements, are driving further evolution.  Edge devices of all types, including edge servers, network infrastructure devices, and endpoints, continue to realize ongoing price/performance improvements - furthering the convergence of compute/connect and continued downward migration of edge processing.

Chantal Polsonetti, an ARC Vice President from our Industrial IoT edge team, will discuss the latest trends and activities at the industrial IoT edge based on ARC's primary research activities in this segment.