International Maintenance Conference 2019

End Date
Event Location San Marco Island, FL
ARC Participation ARC Will Speak

ARC Presentations:

"Rethinking Asset Management"
Presented by ARC Senior Analyst Paula Hollywood
December 11, 11:15 AM

With the advent of Industrial Internet of Things, Digitization, Digital Transformation, and the like, is the conventional thinking about asset management sufficient, or do we as an industry need to expand our thinking to address contemporaneous and emerging business and operational strategies?  The availability of IIoT tools does not change the primary purpose of maintenance which is to ensure that production equipment is available and operating sufficiently to meet production goals. What has changed is the operating ecosystem and the access to asset information throughout the ecosystem over the lifecycle of the asset.

"Augmented Reality and Wearables for the Industrial Enterprise"
Presented by ARC Analyst Inderpreet Shoker
December 11, 1:30  PM

Whether it's equipment manufacturers or enterprises using industrial machines, companies are looking for technologies that empower them to better service their customers and improve their own processes. To help achieve these results, companies are adopting augmented reality (AR) solutions that enable field and maintenance technicians to diagnose and resolve problems more efficiently by sharing, capturing, and creating actionable information.  This presentation will explore industrial use cases of AR to illustrate the various functions, applications, and benefits of the technology.