Material Handling & Logistics Conference

End Date
Event Location Park City, UT
Event Type Conference
ARC Participation ARC Will Speak
ARC Participants Craig Resnick
"Accelerating the Rate of Return on Digital Investments"
September 9, 10:15 AM, Track 1
Occurring at an unprecedented pace, digital transformation is a key driver of change that opens new opportunities for companies to grow and create value.  Key discussion points for today’s C-suite include automation, robotics, IoT, AI, and big data analytics—all of which offer big promise but are sometimes light on returns.  Accelerating the rate of return on these investments requires agile, digital-savvy leadership that sets forth a strategic vision for the entire organization, and that effectively infuses a digital mindset across the entire workforce.  In return, companies gain faster access to process improvements, better labor utilization, increased productivity, and higher EBITDA.