MaximoWorld co-located with Asset Performance Management Summit

End Date
Event Location Orlando, FL
Event Type Conference
ARC Participation ARC Will Speak
ARC Participants Paula Hollywood Ralph Rio

ARC Presentations:

"Still Looking for the APM Magic Bullet"
Presented by ARC Senior Analyst Paula Hollywood
August 6, 2:15 PM

Predictive maintenance has been hyped as the killer app for the Industrial Internet of Things. Certainly, the prospect of reducing maintenance costs by 30 percent, decreasing equipment breakdowns by 75 percent, and reducing downtime by 45 percent is enough to make any manufacturer salivate.  However, the reality is that predictive maintenance has failed to live up to the hype.  Recent research indicates that aspects of the organization, culture, and change management remain as significant barriers to overcome.  Attendees will gain a better understanding of how other organizations are viewing APM initiatives and compare the effectiveness of different approaches.

"Connecting the Dots from IoT to EAM and Business Value"
Presented by ARC VP Ralph Rio
August 6, 3:15 PM

You will gain a deeper understanding of where IoT is applied, improvements in workflow, impact on metrics, and the financial benefits that get executive support.  Attendees will learn how to 'connect the dots' from IoT to maintenance execution for improved uptime, capacity, and revenue.  They will gain an understanding of where this new technology is applied including guidance for financial justification of the associated digital transformation project.  What strategy should you follow for deployment of your IoT applications?  How does IoT effect your sourcing of critical equipment?  How do you get executive attention and the resources to be successful?  These questions and more will be answered – including case stories.