Open Automation and the Future Workforce

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Event Type Webcast
ARC Participation ARC Event
ARC Participants Harry Forbes

The transition from closed to open process automation systems is a time when the skill set needed by suppliers, system integrators, and most especially end users will be far different than today’s market.  This webcast will discuss the current directions in industrial application development and deployment as well as explore how this may map into future automation and software systems, with a focus on what the associated skill sets will be.

This Digital Transformation Council (DTC) web meeting will feature a presentation by ARC Research Director Harry Forbes, followed by an interactive discussion session with the users-only web meeting audience.   

11 AM - 12 PM  EDT 

To participate in the web meeting, you first need to join the Digital Transformation Council (there is no fee to join).  Once registered with the DTC, you will receive an email with a link to register for this webcast.


The Digital Transformation Council is a user-only community to share knowledge among automation, enginnering, maintenance, OT and manufacturing IT professionals. ARC’s role is facilitation, and to contribute as appropriate.