Orchestrating the Organization for Digital Success

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Event Location Online @ 11:30AM IST, 2PM Singapore Time
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ARC Advisory Group is pleased to announce the next Digital Transformation Council Asia event,

Orchestrating the Organization for Digital Success

Guest Speaker: Rajiv Mahtolia, Joint Vice President, Indorama Ventures

Synopsis: Digital transformation takes place in an organizational context. Hence to be successful requires careful consideration of not just technology, but also the skills, culture and mindset of the organization. When it comes to implementation, rather than an ad hoc approach, leaders may need to restructure the organization, rewrite strategy, and focus on the prevailing organizational culture. It may also be advantageous to bring in a specialist coach. In this DTC Asia webinar, Rajiv Mahtolia, Vice President of Thailand headquartered chemical company IndoRama, discusses these and other aspects of digital transformation and recommends how companies can successfully navigate the nexus of technology and organization.

Guest Speaker Bio: Rajiv Mahtolia is Joint Vice President at Indorama Ventures, the multinational chemical company and the world’s largest producer of PET (polyethylene terephthalate) resins. Currently based in Indonesia where he leads Industry 4.0 and Lean Six Sigma initiatives, he has spent over 30 years in industry, with experience in project management, control, and automation. A certified Executive and Team Coach and an NLP practitioner, Rajiv has led people development programs and coached individuals for transformational leadership. He holds a BE in Electronics and an MBA.

To Register for the Event:    https://us02web.zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_dW_-ddsCS-m4O2r5jWPNpw


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